This Website Can Be Yours! Starting Bid On Ebay – $15,000!

After rather lengthy deliberation on how to price this website for sale, I have decided to list it today at $15,000 on eBay as 10 day auction.

If you have no time to read the eBay listing, here is a short run down of things:

  • is being auctioned on as is basis.
  • In addition to the website (both domain name and content and control over RSS subscriptions) the winning bidder will also assume control of Twitter Account as Facebook Fan Page (consider it as a free added bonus) associated with this website as neither will be of any use to me once the website sells.

I make this post sticky and will update it as the auction progresses and I find that some important questions should be answered and clarifications made.

I will also use this post to make a daily note about this auction, just like the one bellow:

Firday, October 15, 2010 minutes after listing went live: There is barely any activity as far as views/watchers are concerned only 2 views and you guessed it – 0 watchers. Hopefully things will change soon.

Meet the Author

Vlad Zablotskyy