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Many real estate agents familiar with Reply.com, might find the bellow piece of information rather interesting. The information is posted on BBB.org website on Reply.com profile. I will however put it here in it’s entirety. I don’t believe that $70,000 in fines will put a dent into Reply.com’s finances. After all Reply.com did file for IPO and once Reply.com’s stock starts trading there will be rivers of milk and honey flowing in San Ramon and surroundings…. Or something to that effect, unless the “IPO spoof” was really a “for sale” sign.

Enough said, here is what apparently took place in the beginning of this year:
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I know many of my friends in real estate have been following the Lones vs Daniel Rothamel saga for quiet sometime now. I am not sure what to think about the video bellow. Denise Lones appears to be insisting that her law suit against Daniel should have remained a private matter. What do you think? Dou you believe she is correct to insist that no one had the right to talk and/or write about her lawsuit against Daniel? Watch the video and share your comments:


The EndBen (Behnam) Behrouzi, the CEO of Dotnext Inc., and his startups (namely ePerks and LeapFish) had been often at the center of my attention in the past three years. I had good intentions to abandon the topic in the past. But there was always something in the back of my mind that prevented me from staying away from Mr. Behrouzi and his schemes. Just little over two years ago, the CEO of LeapFish and Dotnext Inc., being dissatisfied with the outcome of the lawsuit he brought against me, he purchased two domain names (vladzablotskyy.net and vladzablotskyy.org) with a clear intent to damage my reputation – a threat that Mr. Behrouzi has never carried out. As of today it appears that Mr. Behrouzi will not be renewing the above mentioned domain names. This of course leaves me with no reason to continue my coverage of Mr. Behrouzi and his “startups”. Should the above mentioned domains be renewed, I will make sure to post an update.

Happy, healthy and prosperous 2011 everyone!


Against all odds, against predictions of tech industry insiders and against my own speculations, LeapFish.com, a company I have covered extensively over the last two years, is still around. This Internet startup and a self-proclaimed “fastest search engine on the planet” avoided filing for bankruptcy and, according to most recent court documents, have payed $85,000.00 in the settlement of the lawsuit between Christie Cortellessa and Dotnext Inc, the parent company of LeapFish.com. Even thought the case is not officially over yet, all things indicate that LeapFish will put this one behind them soon.

Meanwhile the company has announce both on their official blog as well as via Twitter their intention to open new office in Los Angeles:

LeapFish.com announces New Office in Los Ageles

LeapFish.com announces opening of a new office in Los Ageles on Twitter

According to a blog post at http://blog.leapfish.com/ that announces the move, the company is hiring Inside Sales Professionals, Client Services Professionals and Search Marketing (SEM) Professionals.

Am I the only one who finds it strange that an Internet company would move away from Silicon Valley? Evidently I am not the only one. Even former LeapFish.com telemarketers appear to be surprised:

Back in San Francisco area the trouble for LeapFish is far from over. There is one more ongoing lawsuit in California Northern District Court- Ellis v. DotNext Inc. Can that be a reason why LeapFish.com is moving to Los Angeles?

Of course there might be some benefits from being near Hollywood celebrities. A tweet by Ashton Kutcher or Ellen DeGeneres can send millions of visitors to LeapFish. Easier said than done? Perhaps. Some Hollywood celebrities have already been heavily criticized for promoting companies that engage in questionable practices, which may make other celebrities more cautious.

No matter how you look at it, the future (if there is any) of LeapFish.com is still clouded in question.

Disclosure, everything written above is exclusively my personal opinion.


In The Spotlight: Josh Dorkin and BiggerPockets.com

I am not a real estate investor. I managed only to last as a real estate agent for about 3 or months back in 2005. But you do not need to bee a real estate investor or real estate professional to know about BiggerPockets – an online community of real estate investors. All you need is a slight interest in real estate investment and Google. Chances are that if you have ever researched something related to real estate investing, you have stumbled across BiggerPockets.com.

I am always fascinated by a good website but more so by its founder(s). Every time I visit one, I immediately start to research who was behind it. So was the case with BiggerPockets a few years back. As soon as I visited the website for the first time I wanted to know who was behind it. It is extremely inspiring to learn from people like Josh Dorkin, the founder of BiggerPockets.com.

Josh started the the website in 2004 and today BiggerPockets is an extremely vibrant community of real estate investors with over 60,000 active members.

If you are like me, wondering why did Josh start such a website, watch the video bellow:

In addition to being a great learning place for beginner investors BiggerPockets features hundreds investment properties.

And here is another short video in which Josh tells you how you can benefit from being a part of BiggerPockets- the community of real estate investors:

I am not sure if I ever venture into real estate investing myself. If I do, BiggerPockets will be the first place I will turn to and not the “real-estate-“gurus”-who-sell-their-books-on-TV”. BiggerPockets is a community of real investors many of whom are more experienced and more successful that any given “guru” you see selling their books on TV.

I understand that Josh is planing to make plenty of new videos for BiggerPockets- so I might be posting few of those in the future.

Now go and explore this wonderful resource of real estate investing!