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UPDATE: Click here for the “up to date” version of the “top 100 Real Estate Blogs”.
The idea to compile such a list was born a few months ago. Just as other similar top lists where appearing. After talking to Mark from 45n5– who is an outstanding programmer and internet marketer, a decision was made to bring the idea to fruition. Mark was in charge of programing the list, while my job was to find the blogs to be placed in the list- an easy job I should say for a former real estate agent.

So I present you today with GeerRealtors Top 100 Real Estate Blogs. It is a must bookmark page for many reasons. Not only will you be able to see who is who among real estate bloggers. You can also see the latest posts from the blogs featured on the list. If you are on the list this will give you an opportunity to see how your blog compares to your colleagues and/or competitors. Visit those blogs and see what are they doing that makes them more popular than yours.

If you visit the list, you will notice that there are actually more than 100 blogs.This means that you also can submit your blog, and then work your way to the top. If I have missed your blog feel free to submit your blog, and depending to the rankings elsewhere (Google Page Rank, Alexa Rankings, Technorati Rank) you may very well end up in the top 100. If not, you have some work to do.

The list will be updated once a week, so if you see N/A next to your blog, it means it was added after the last update. Just bookmark the Top 100 Real Estate Blogs and come to look at it one week from now. Finally I hope the list itself will bring you a visitor or two.

And now, without further ado, I present you with the first edition of Top 100 Real Estate Blogs:

Real Estate Blogs Top 100

GR Rank*Blog Nametop100.jpgtop100.jpgtop100.jpg
1Apartment Therapy446120724
3Inman News Blog61213034870
5Lansner on Real Estate54209052158
6Zillow® Blog617501148023
7Future of Real Estate Marketing31175680208
8BiggerPockets Blog32969242467
9Realtor Blogging Service539041101093
10Dr. Housing Bubble534802118248
11Sellsius Real Estate Blog31159194468
13Rain City Guide513963215255
14The Real Estate Tomato513165260972
15Housing Panic318779150367
16Agent Genius428253243589
17Trulia Blog553658302100
18The Real Estate Bloggers323628221092
19Overseas Property Blog5137774159636
20Condo Blog5129395272191
21Mortgage Fraud Blog572941418080
23Miami Condo Investments4112625250963
25Consumer Mortgage Reports482932348748
26Charles and Hudson581766515494
27LAS VEGAS REAL ESTATE4124139292310
29Piggington Econo-Almanac392012316173
30Real Central VA541092803329
31Altos Research Real Estate Insights4189138311768
32Luxury Home Digest4110648492205
33Technology for Real Estate450119633386
34Ubertor Real Estate Blog4170597377857
35Carnival of Real Estate471974656356
36EWM Realtors4211248344229
37True Gotham5103170810330
38Bubble Meter5162356683259
39Mike’s Corner478235700319
40New Condos Online436086556421
41The Real Estate Zebra459623786853
42Sacramento Real Estate Voice4129395727335
44Real Estate Sizzle4129395894749
45Realty Blogging4179530797181
46Pine Needle Lawn5415686672779
47Realty Thoughts4140824990254
48Arizona Real Estate Notebook4166367952243
49Triple Mint52979071532776
51Naples Real Estate Blog3629416256388
52Pittsburgh Homes Daily5879772672551
53St Louis Real Estate Voice41795302252476
54Texas Realty Blog33179771530995
55Real Estate Cafe Weblog45174552528654
57Go Beyond MLS2731678419104
58Blue Collar Agents33958242246269
59PropertyMaps Corporate Blog41644723463262
60Lake Martin Voice44374753419729
61Minneapolis Real Estate Blog33312932597171
62nyc BLOG estate35878933043864
63Property Monger46743674536111
64Cobb Real Estate Blog312124052617730
65Edmonton Real Estate Blog321248564493571
67The Silver Bee479564311709774
68Vancouver Real Estate BlogN/AN/AN/A
69Laguna Niguel Real Estate BlogN/AN/AN/A
70Thoughts about Real EstateN/AN/AN/A
71The Trump BlogN/AN/AN/A
72Connecticut Real Estate BlogN/AN/AN/A
73The Silver FernN/AN/AN/A
74Calgary Real Estate Market BlogN/AN/AN/A
75Dothan Home SearchN/AN/AN/A
76Tucson Real Estate In The NewsN/AN/AN/A
77Tampa Florida Real Estate BlogN/AN/AN/A
78Toronto Real Estate BlogN/AN/AN/A
79Ian MarshallN/AN/AN/A
80Long Beach Real EstateN/AN/AN/A
81Atlanta Intown LoftsN/AN/AN/A
82Smyrna ViningsN/AN/AN/A
83South Beach Condo BlogN/AN/AN/A
84St. Paul Real EstateN/AN/AN/A
85The Phoenix Real Estate GuyN/AN/AN/A
87Kuna Real EstateN/AN/AN/A
88Real Life Real EstateN/AN/AN/A
89Housing DoomN/AN/AN/A
90Blown MortgageN/AN/AN/A
92The Real Estate PostN/AN/AN/A
93House Hunting 101N/AN/AN/A
94Wilmington NC Real Estate BlogN/AN/AN/A
96Arcadia Housing BlogN/AN/AN/A
97Outer Banks Real Estate3N/A4213042
98Reese’s Pieces of Real Estate4N/AN/A
100Appraisal Scoop4N/A771018
101The Real Deal6N/A552922
102Housing Bubble Casualty4N/A1644324
104The Housing Bubble3N/A88748

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