Let Dane Morgan Write Your Next Blog Post!

Have you ever considered inviting a guest blogger to write a post for you? If you have considered it, but never got around to actually do it, I have a wonderful news fro you. Dane Morgan, a blogger and freelance writer, is offering to write a post for your blog.

Dane is trying to build up his freelance portfolio and you can help him by inviting him to write a blog post for you. Just head over to his blog an post the topic you would like him to write about.

I have known Dane for several years now, mostly through online interaction. Dane along with Andy Beard have influenced and educated me quiet a bit about “nofollow” attributes. I only wish I could have followed in their footsteps – as of today I have only one blog that keeps the links in the comment area “noffolow” free, unfortunately it is not Go Beyond MLS.

The reason I recommend Dane is that I always marvel at people like him. Dane has profound understanding of online marketing. While in his offer Dane would like to stay clear of all “the blogging, social media, entrepreneurial fields” his recent interest in tax related matters can probably offer a unique prospective to any finance related blog.

Besides subscribing to his blog, which I highly recommend, you can also follow Dane on twitter.

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