Against all odds, against predictions of tech industry insiders and against my own speculations, LeapFish.com, a company I have covered extensively over the last two years, is still around. This Internet startup and a self-proclaimed "fastest search engine on the planet" avoided filing for bankruptcy and, according to most recent court documents, have payed $85,000.00 [...]

Shortly after publishing the previous post, an anonymous comment was submitted via contact form of the website. Here is what it said: just so you know, Ms. Slader is the only employee left at Dotnext. Everyone was let go yesterday Note to new readers: Dotnext Inc is a parent company of LeapFish. The Contra Costa [...]

LeapFish has been given a cold shoulder on many occasions by the leading technology blogs. However, today the things you say on the internet tend to stick around, something LeapFish management and employees fail to understand over and over again. Ms. Slader, who according to her several online profiles is an executive assistant of Dontnext, [...]

UPDATE May13, 2010: Things pertaining to LeapFish.com, their founders and management, along with related startups are no longer of interest to me, therefore no further comments are allowed on this post. There are also more reliable sources out there (such as Better Business Bureau) to help you make an informed decision about LeapFish. ***You may [...]

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