Hello and welcome to Go Beyond MLS. My name is Vlad Zablotskyy and I am the owner of this blog. I am a former real estate agent. I was licensed in the state of New Jersey in 2006 and have actively worked as Real Estate agent for 6 months. Although I enjoyed my time in the industry, my true passion is Internet and in particular Internet Marketing. If you think you can use my advise drop me an e-mail.

Why Go Beyond MLS?

While I no longer practice real estate I am still very interested on what is happening in the industry and use this blog to bring to you a unique prospective of using modern media and Internet as a marketing tool in the real estate industry.


Whenever I write something on this blog chances are I am influenced one way or another and never pretend to be objective. In fact I would like every visitor to look suspiciously at everything they find on this website and never act upon what they read until they have researched thoroughly the subject.

I will try my best to disclose any conflict of interest while writing about a company or a website. However this should not be excuse to take my word for granted and not doing your own research on the post where not disclosure is made.


I encourage commenting on my blog and even welcome constructive criticism. However I will not tolerate:

  1. Spam
  2. Being unkind to me or other visitors to this website
  3. Fault and offensive language
  4. Links to pornographic websites or websites that promote any sort of illegal activity

Wen commenting on this website I highly advise to either use your real name or a nickname. For example “Oregon Realtor” is not a real name. When we grow to know each other, it will be fine with me if once in a while you can use some juicy anchor text in the link to your website or blog, until then first time comments by those who do not leave their first name will be deleted.

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