Real Estate Links Bubble Burst- May 14, 2007

Our blog is a found member of Real Estate Community over at BumpZee! In efforts to introduce this wonderful and one of the fastest growing community on the Internet we have decided to introduce “Real Estate Links Bubble Burst”. What is it? It will be a short post of the finest real estate articles from the blogosphere. If you would like to make sure we keep an eye on your blog and highlight your posts join BumpZee! Real Estate Community– if your blog is already submitted, you can claim it there.

Following are the post we chose for today’s “Real Estate Links Bubble Burst”:

The Anatomy of a Credit Bubble

Top 5 Mistakes Made By Real Estate Investors During the Housing Bubble

60 Minutes and real estate

Cash Equivalency, Terms, Time, Location and other Adjustments Often Omitted

Eurozone housing markets cool

Meet the Author

Vlad Zablotskyy