Real Estate Community at BumpZee

We have been lurking around BumpZee!– a new online social community- for some time now. The community began as a feed agregator of affiliate marketing blogs. While initially it was not clear whether or not bloggers who write about real estate can benefit from such a community, since BumpZee! started to allow it’s members to create their own communities, it is clear that there is room for a Real Estate community.

When you join BumpZee! you will be able to submit your blog and BumpZee will automatically pick up the latest post from your log displaying title of your latest post along with a “snippet” (if you choose) from the same post. Other members are able to vote for your article by “bumping” or “dumping” your post. When your post receives enough bumps it is promoted to the front page of your community, potentially sending your way extra visitors.

Many members who have joined BumpZee have no blog on their own but use the website to read on latest news about particular industry/niche. If you do have a blog you will be able to install “widgets”, just like the ones you see on our blog: a “bump” button (upper left corner of this post) and a side bar widget that will allow you to see the top entries from your community as well as what BumpZee! members have visited your blog.

It will take just a few minutes to join, after you do make sure to check out Real Estate community.

Meet the Author

Vlad Zablotskyy