Last Time About Ben Behrouzi, LeapFish or Dotnext… Promise!

The EndBen (Behnam) Behrouzi, the CEO of Dotnext Inc., and his startups (namely ePerks and LeapFish) had been often at the center of my attention in the past three years. I had good intentions to abandon the topic in the past. But there was always something in the back of my mind that prevented me from staying away from Mr. Behrouzi and his schemes. Just little over two years ago, the CEO of LeapFish and Dotnext Inc., being dissatisfied with the outcome of the lawsuit he brought against me, he purchased two domain names ( and with a clear intent to damage my reputation – a threat that Mr. Behrouzi has never carried out. As of today it appears that Mr. Behrouzi will not be renewing the above mentioned domain names. This of course leaves me with no reason to continue my coverage of Mr. Behrouzi and his “startups”. Should the above mentioned domains be renewed, I will make sure to post an update.

Happy, healthy and prosperous 2011 everyone!


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