Google Local Ads: Post to Your Place Page

If you are using Google Local Business Center, you may have already noticed a new feature which allows you to post messages (limited to 160 characters) to you place page:
Post To Your Place Page Widget - Google Local Business Center

Each message will expire in 30 days from the time it is published. If you decide to include a specific link inside the message, it will be converted into an HTML (click-able) link on your listing page see example bellow of first message from The Chocolate Belles:
Place Page View
You can see Chocolate Belles live listing here.

This new feature offers you an additional options to promote specific events, services or products via Google Local Business Center.

According to Post to Your Place Page FAQ – you can only have one message at a time posted to your place page.

Disclosure: I currently advise The Chocolate Belles on Internet marketing.

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  • Manchester SEO Bolton Apr 11, 2010, 6:13 pm

    Cool new feature, really good to know and I will let one of my local business clients know about this. Shame Google doesn’t have some kind of a news page so we can keep up with all the changes they make and the new features they introduce. Thanks for sharing though

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