For Sale By Owner- is well known website that assists people to sell their property on their own. was established in 1994, while Alexa indicates that website went live in 1998. One of the biggest selling point of is the fact that many people may consider choosing their services in order to avoid paying commissions to real estate agents.

It is quiet easy to locate “for sale” properties using All you need to do is to select City and State, and the website will bring back properties in that City and surrounding area. The down side of this search is that results are limited only the properties listed by and would not reflect market conditions in that particular area.

If you are planing to advertise your property with you should expect to be charged for their services some where from $70 to $500 depends on what “package” you chose. In order to have you listing features in MLS systems, your bottom line can be $500+commission to selling broker (2.5-3.5%).

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