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The RealBird Blog just announced new feature called RealBird Virtual Tour. I have written in the pas about RealBirds nifty widget that allows real estate agents create a "mini-showcase" of their listings while offering an opportunity for viral marketing, and allowing bloggers or any webmasters to grab the code and feature the listings on their [...]

photo credit: TankiJust a few days ago I have welcomed first guest blog post on Go Beyond MLS. I have been asking in private few of my colleagues bloggers to contribute to this blog at their spare time, but today I open my invitation to all my readers. There are a few conflicting opinions about [...]

Vlad has generously allowed me to contribute to his blog, and I thank him for the opportunity. I've been in a really foul mood lately, and I'm gonna tell you why. Other than Vlad's ongoing troubles, I really get annoyed by some things I've encountered in my short time as a Realtor®. Some of them [...]

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