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Many real estate agents familiar with, might find the bellow piece of information rather interesting. The information is posted on website on profile. I will however put it here in it’s entirety. I don’t believe that $70,000 in fines will put a dent into’s finances. After all did file for IPO and once’s stock starts trading there will be rivers of milk and honey flowing in San Ramon and surroundings…. Or something to that effect, unless the “IPO spoof” was really a “for sale” sign.

Enough said, here is what apparently took place in the beginning of this year:
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Outsource Your Press Release To A Pro

Janet MeinersMany of my readers have probably ran into Janet Meiners Thaeler aka NewspaperGirl. If you did not meet Janet on Twitter, you probably have read her articles on Marketing Pilgrim. If you know Janet, you know she is an expert as far as press releases go. If you did not know that, you know it now.

So why I am bringing up press releases and (re)introducing Janet to you? Simple. I believe that press releases will be on the rise this year, considering economic factors. Long time ago (about 2 or 3 years), Janet, while still blogging on blog, wrote about her experiment with press releases. Comparing to PPC advertising, press releases delivered visitors to her websites at a consistent rate of 5 cents per click or less. Even back then you really needed to “babysit” and “sweat” over your PPC campaigns to keep the cost per click under 20 cents.

Janet got me hooked on PRWeb. My first $40 press release brought a 300% return on my investment during the first day of the press release going live. To make the long story short, I have never felt like I wasted money on a press release. PPC??? Well that’s another story….

There are however a few challenges with press releases. Not being a good writer with added difficulty of English as my second or third language, I never felt comfortable writing press releases. I certainly never scored highly as far as editorial review goes, probably just barely passed the scrutiny of PRWeb to get my releases published. Writing for my blogs is different. Most of you are very forgiving as far as my grammar goes. But press releases are different…

Slowly I came to realize that press release is something I will have to outsource. So to my surprise, when visiting Janet’s blog, I discovered that she is now offering Press Release Writing Services. Knowing Janet’s background in blogging, marketing and social media – there can be no better person to write my press releases. I am planing to use Janet’s services for my Interpreting and Translating Business. If you need a solid press release, you should consider her services as well. Don’t take my word for it. Read what Jeremy Shoemaker (aka Shoemoney) wrote about Janet’s press releases- a very powerful testimony testimony if you asked. Not trying to be mean to Jeremy, but it is good to know we can compete on the level of grammar. ;)

Top 100 Real Estate Blogs: Matrix Stats Fixed

After launching Top 100 Real Estate Blogs few months ago, Jim Cronin of Real Estate Tomato, had raised a question about Matrix Real Estate Blog and how the blog is ranked by our list. Jim’s concern had to do with what he claimed as unreliability of Alexa Rank:

Another example of how wildly poor the reporting from Alexa is… Miller Samuel’s Matrix – arguably a top 10 most trafficked RE blog has you posting an Alexa ranking of: 545,538. The data is so far off as a relative measure to reality. I’m telling you, it’s got to go.

Matrix Technorati AuthorityHowever, after taking closer look, it became apparent that our list did not rank Matrix even in the top 100 blogs not because of Alexa. Technorati rank was the biggest problem. For a long time, Technorati had no rank whatsoever for Matrix. With the help of fellow blogger and internet entrepreneur, Andy Beard, the Technorati fixed rank for Matrix. Although our list still lists Matrix at 100+ position, I can see it rising to the top of the list with the next update.

The conclusions I can draw from this experience is that not too many bloggers are really concerned with Technorati “authority”. Besides ranking on the lists that factor that authority to rank the websites, there seems to be no obvious reason to care. However if you have submitted your blog to the list, check if Technorati is reporting these figures for your blog. If not, you can contact them to see if your blog was banned for over pinging.

If you are using WordPress, consider using Ultimate Smart Update Pinger plugin. This plugin will prevent your WordPress to over-pinging Technorati as well as other services.

New Jersey Association of Realtors: No To Rebates

Is New Jersey Association of Realtors behind the times? Or is trying to protect both customers and real estate agents? The Inman News had a story today about possible legislation by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission:

The New Jersey Association of Realtors is opposing legislation that would allow real estate brokers and agents to provide cash rebates or other gifts to buyers and sellers.

Members of the state’s Real Estate Commission, a regulatory agency that enforces licensing law in the state, has considered the legislation but hasn’t yet announced a position….

….While officials at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division have taken action to oppose bans on rebates in several states, New Jersey Association of Realtors officials contend that the offer of rebates can actually be harmful to consumers.

As of now, cash rebates by real estate brokers is against the law in NJ. But New Jersey is not the only state prohibiting cash rebates. There are 10 other states that do not allow real estate brokers to offer cash rebates to customers.

Are All Lead Generating Companies Full Of It?

One thing is clear, a crappy lead generating company will not be able to survive in the face of new social media. One day one blogger will write about your services and his blog will open a can of warms.

I can’t help myself but wonder if there is any good lead generating company out there. Or all they all full of it? Again, I am not talking about the crappy companies that promise to give you hundreds of leads each month, just to scam you out of your money without delivering on their promise.

What I have in mind are the companies that would not charge you a penny unless they provide you with a lead that eventually converts into sale. No sale would mean a not qualified lead and therefore you don’t have to pay a penny for it.

Many of my readers here are familiar that I am an affiliate marketer. While there are different business models within affiliate marketing, at the end of the day my pay is based on my performance. If I send a visitor to and he or she does not by anything, I do not get paid. If I send a visitor to Lending Tree and he or she does not fill out a certain form, I do not get pain. In other words in order for me to get paid, I need to perform- not just promise. What do you think would happen if I asked Amazon: “I promise to send 100 byers each month to your website. Would you pay me $10 per each buyer?” Well Amzon may agree to pay me $1000 the first month around, but I doubt they would go along with my crap month after month, unless I have sent them 100 buyers each month. Well, people at Amazon and other companies were smarter. You can make money with Amazon, but only if you deliver the goods.

I have heard plenty about one crappy lead generating company. But I also believe that not every lead generating company is worthless. If you have come across a good lead generating company, please share it in the comments. I would be more than happy to write about such companies.

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