When I read the headline this morning for the first time on AdWords Blog, I thought to myself - "This cannot be good!". Auction means bidding against your competitors, and when the bidding wars will get out of hand, the end user will suffer. Well, Google found the way around it by keeping the ad [...]

Seams like the subject of paid reviews will be around for some time. While I have a unique prospective on paid blogging, I think the proper place to discus the subject will be on Sage Blogger, the blog where I write about affiliate marketing and related subjects of making money online. I do however need [...]

There is a very good chance than many readers of this blog, have followed a wave of raving reviews of OpneX on many major technical blogs and websites- TechChurch, TechCrunhc UK, ReadWriteWeb, Cnet, Ostattic. If you ever wonder what is the secret to a company that survives times like these as if there was no [...]

UPDATE May13, 2010: Things pertaining to, their founders and management, along with related startups are no longer of interest to me, therefore no further comments are allowed on this post. There are also more reliable sources out there (such as Better Business Bureau) to help you make an informed decision about LeapFish. ***You may [...]

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