AdWords Introduces Ad Auctions

When I read the headline this morning for the first time on AdWords Blog, I thought to myself – “This cannot be good!”. Auction means bidding against your competitors, and when the bidding wars will get out of hand, the end user will suffer.

Well, Google found the way around it by keeping the ad quality in the auctions. Watch the video for yourself and let me know what do you think. It makes a lot of sense to me.

3 Responses to “AdWords Introduces Ad Auctions”

  1. mani says:

    Very Useful video For Me

  2. Do you think the pie chart of Quality score is accurate?

    * 60% CTR (“user feedback”)
    * 30% Adwords Account Architecture (“relevancy”)
    * 10% Landing Page Factors (that’s all? -WTF)
    * Assuming Hal’s pie chart is accurate…

    Landing Page Factors (only 10%) includes: relevancy of landing page, original content, easy navigation, transparent ie. privacy policy page, load time, contact us page, little use of pop ups/unders, and more? Relevancy of the landing page is only one of many components of the landing page formula, did you catch that? We don’t know exactly how much power this carries, but my guess is 30-50%.

    If that is true…

    Landing page relevancy influence over overall Quality Score accounts for only 5% of Quality Score?!

    That can’t be, can it? Google prides itself on Relevancy so, how can this possibly be I ask you? I hope I’m wrong on this.

  3. Ned Carey says:

    It sounds great, except like Dan said the quality factors are geared more to make Google more ad revenue not quality user experience. The click through ratio only has to do with how good a sales pitch in the ad is. It has NOTHING to do with user experience.

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