20+ WordPress Plugins I Use And Recommend

I may have inspired Andy Beal to start using TweetMeme plugin on Marketing Piligrim, but he certainly inspired me more. Every time I come across a great plugin I promise myself to give credit to the plugin’s author as well as share with my readers how a particular plugin helped. Of course day passes by, then another and after a few days my desire to write about particular plugin slowly withers out. “It just a plugin”, I tell myself -“some one has already written about it anyway.” The truth is however that many of the plugins I use on my blogs make my life so much easier.

So here are some 20+ plugins that help this blog tick….

Akismet– some say this is the best anti-spam plugin. I use this plugin, however I will always miss Spam Karma. Unfortunately Aksimet relying on “collective intelligence” has flagged on occasion people whom I would never consider spammers.

WP Audio Player – this is a nice little plugin that allows you to embed audio files into your posts and pages making them playable. I think many podcasters use this plugin. While I love this plugin, I have it on my blog only because of one particular post. I still recommend it.

Broken Link Checker – this plugin might be very useful if you are worried that some of your old links point websites that no longer exist. Yeah, I know! But you would be surprised. I actually downloaded this plugin to test it and see if it would find broken links in the comments (authors url + urls in comment’s content)- unfortunately it does not do that, it only checks for broken links in the posts, pages, blogroll and some custom fields. So for now it is disabled- but I will keep an eye on it. I really would love it to be able to check for broken links in the comments.

cforms – if one of the best form builder plugin I have ever seen! This one is a must have!

Contact Form – a plugin that allows you to publish (in a post or a page) a contact form. I used it on all of my blogs before I became acquainted with cforms. If you do not need complicated forms but would like to offer your visitors and easy way to contact you this plugin is just for you.

Dean’s Code Highlighter– nice little plugin for some of us geeks who like to show off and tell you how much better we are than rest of you by pulishing tidbits of code. πŸ™‚

Do Follow – enough said. This plugin magically attracts swarms of spammers both automated and human. But it rewards nicely those who have something good and valid to say on my blog.

Google XML Sitemaps – this plugin helps me to keep the big 3, but mostly Googe, informed about my blogs.

Maintenance Mode – I love this plugin. It creates a splash spage for those times when you are making major changes to your blog- such as testing new plugins or new theme. Visitors see a page that explains to your visitors that your website is undergoing maintenance/updates. Logged in users can see the the blog as usual.

NextGEN Gallery- is extremely useful plugin for those who like to take a lot of pictures. It maybe difficult to get used to it since the WordPress’ default media library has been improved over last few years. But NextGen Gallery offers features as tagging your images, giving them descriptions e.t.c. Among many cool things it also creates an additional RSS feed of your pictures.

OIOpublisher Direct 2.0(aff link) – this is a paid plugin I use on this blog to manage advertising purchased directly from me. This is not a free plugin, but if you use my affiliate link you may get some discount!

Redirection– allows you to create different redirects without need of modifying your .htaccess file. One of the cool features of this plugin is that it can automatically create a redirect if you need to modify post’s slug. I found this plugin to be extremely useful if you need to move a blog to a new domain. You can create hundreds of redirects in spreadsheet and import them using the plugin’s import/export feature.

SEO Title Tag – this plugin takes care of the title tags allowing you to have to have different title tag and post title.

Similar Posts– This plugin allows you to display related posts and pages. It is highly configurable, but it needs another plugin called Post-Plugin Library to work.

Subscribe To “Double-Opt-In” Comments – allows people to follow the conversation on desired post. It attempts to solve the issue you might have with sending unsolicited e-mails as it requires confirmation before updates are sent out.

TweetMeme Retweet Button – this plugin makes it easy to share posts on Twitter via TweetMeme Button which you can see in the top left corner of every post on this blog.

Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger – this plugin replaces the built-in ping/notify functionality. Pings only when publishing new or future posts, not when editing.

WP Greet Box – This plugin recognizes where do your visitors come from and displays a customized message. For example if some one visits your blog from Twitter, you can configure the greeting to say something like this “Hey Tweep! Would you mind following me on Twitter?” or something like that. You can customize each greeting to different visitors the way you find it fit.

WP Super Cache – for this plugin I will just rip Andy’s description- is all about “legalized speeding”. I may also add that WP Super Cache can save you some Cash… πŸ˜‰

So there you go, my 20+ plugins. Do you use any of them?

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